Wallsticker WRIGGLE




mo man tai loves the colorful, geometric trend combined with gradients – with our latest designs we celebrate the “Neo Memphis Trend”.

The wallstickers are easy to apply and transform a room immediately. One single sticker can function as an eye catchers or you can create a playful graphic collage by combining multiple stickers. The five different designs have measurements between 60 and 80 cm; a notable size but still fitting almost all living spaces.

The wallstickers are printed on Gluetex biovate, a sustainable material developed by the Dutch company Big Impact. The first biobased, quality contract wallcovering is made from potato starch. This new wallcovering is self-adhesive and easy to mount, strong and sustainable, light and colourfast, scratch and impact resistant. Furthermore, it is hygienic, low maintenance and achieves a performance standard of SBI euroclass B-s1 DO.

Gluetex biovate can easily be removed from normal, intact painted walls and other surfaces. The more dry and porous the surface, the stronger the adhesive will be. We recommend to test it before use on older, weathered walls etc.

Size Wallsticker Wriggle ca. 51 x 90 cm

Size Wallsticker Circle: ca. 51.5 cm diameter

Size Wallsticker Square ca. 54 x 56 cm

Size Wallsticker Wave ca. 56 x 82 cm

Size Wallsticker Zigzag ca. 48  x 91.5 cm

Additional information

Weight 5000 g


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