The Dutch design label mo man tai was founded by industrial designer Ulrike Jurklies eighteen years ago. The clear, uncomplicated, colourful aesthetics and the combination of old traditions with modern production techniques form the basis for timeless design and pleasure of use.

Most of the products leave the finishing touch to the customer. The brief DIY experience results in an individual mo man tai product he/she appreciates even more.

mo man tai supplies products to a variety of stores in the Netherlands and other parts of the world.

Local sources and suppliers are essential – short communication ways and nearby production sites guarantee a consistent high quality. All of our products are made in the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany. We take pride in caring for the environment by using leftovers of industrial production and recyclable materials.


[mó, man, tai] (cantonese)= no problem


After an apprenticeship in furniture making, Ulrike studied industrial design in Munich. During her studies and after her graduation she worked in Hong Kong. Here she decided to start her own brand and call it mo man tai.

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