mo man tai DIY mobile




This mobile with the approximate height of 100 cm and 40 cm wide is an eye catcher in every interior… and what is even nicer – you’ll be able to claim that you built it all by yourself!
Have fun assembling it and enjoy your elegant creation afterwards.

The individual shapes are laser cut from 3 mm sheets of “left over” acrylic collected by PyraSied Xtreme Acrylic without generating any waste. The biggest challenge was ‘balancing’ pieces from the different materials with varying weight tolerances. Having solved that, studio mo man tai is now able to offer sheer unlimited colour and material combinations.

It is not be possible to choose which colours and materials the mobile is made from; mo man tai simply guarantees a balancing composition of up to 11 different colours and finishes. But there are also “Special Editions” that are already assembled (and where you can see what you get) for sale in our webshop.

You have to connect the individual parts with fine metal rods, rings and swivel joints ensuring a high quality and lasting look. As the weight of the mix of the pieces of acrylics varies, the balance of the completed mobile is safeguarded by incorporating a simple mechanical ‘gear rack’ allowing for adjustment.

This DIY package includes:
– 1 assembly instruction poster
– 11 acrylic shapes; laser-cut from left over material
– 11 fine metal rods
– 28 metal rings
– 7 swivel joints

Size: height ca. 100 cm and width ca. 40 cm

Made in The Netherlands

Interior product – not a toy!

Additional information

Weight 2000 g