“ELI-phone stand” – LIGHT BLUE limited edition!


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“ELI-phone” is the perfect gift for your “facetime friend”, a “mobile phone lover” or the “business (wo)man” who loves a little bit of colour on her/his organized desk… This stable product is designed to be placed on a desk; it keeps your phone upright without the need to hold it. Virtually all kinds of smartphones fit on it and you can even charge it while on the stand.

This functional, minimalistic stand is made of beautiful 6 to 8 mm thick leftover material collected by PyraSied Xtreme Acrylic. The product will remain 100% made of leftover material. We will stop producing and selling them when we run out of material and may only sell them again when our supply of solid, bold coloured leftover material allows for it. The two differently coloured elephant pins are selected by mo man tai; depending on the leftover colours we have available, you can’t choose – let us surprise you!

This packaging includes one DIY phone holder (racing green) and two random coloured elephant pins.

Size (assembled) ca. L 7 cm x W 7 cm x H 14 cm

mo man tai “ELI-phone stand” is flat packed in an eco friendly packaging.

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Weight 40 g