“Chubby Types” YEAH


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Recycled “Chubby Types” key chains


These key chains are 100% made of leftover material collected by PyraSied Xtreme Acrylic.

We designed a type for those key chains that is soft, playful and – we hope – makes everyone happy. Every character works also as a abstract form by itself – together they form a funny “4-letter-word”.

As colourful expressions are our thing at studio mo man tai, we enjoyed collating this special “Chubby Types” set for you.

Laser cut from 6 to 10 mm transparent or solid acrylic. The colour combinations are collated by studio mo man tai; depending on the leftover colours our supplier collected – let us surprise you.


Every “Chubby Types” set forms one “4-letter-word” packed in an eco friendly craft paper gift box and also include 4 key rings.


Packaging size: Box 80 x 80 mm
Letter size: ca. 35×35 mm

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Weight 100 g