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The ShareBees can be broken out of their frame and shared with family, friends, colleagues, or you can just use them to identify your personal set of keys.
In every family of five ShareBees there is one misfit for your family and friends to quabble over.

So what’s your choice; share them, or keep them all to yourself?

This product is sustainable – every key chain kit is made of leftover material collected by PyraSied Xtreme Acrylic.

The key chain sets are laser cut from 3 to 4 mm colourful acrylic sheets; depending on the leftovers our supplier collected – you cannot choose the colour!

mo man tai ShareBees are packed (as all our key chains) in an eco friendly packaging.
Packaging size: 145 x 90 mm; including one frame of five key chains

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Weight 200 g


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