Chubby mirror BABE No. 9


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We designed a new series of small ‘chubby’ 4-letter-word mirrors, named 🖤YOU, LOVE, YEAH, KISS, F*CK, COOL, and this one: BABE
The mirrors are 100% made from leftovers collected for us by @pyrasied 💚♻️

We cut the pieces of acrylic mirrors in our studio and collate them in a colourful mix.

The size of the BABE mirror is ca. 206 x 310 mm

We collate the material with great care for the visual appeal and instead of throwing away a part because of a tiny scratch or a minor discoloration we may opt to still use it.

Additional information

Weight 2500 g
Dimensions 206 × 310 × 20 mm